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Townsend Tech Tools

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We provide mobile optimized solutions for smart businesses

Mobile Web Development for Smart Mobile Business Owners

Townsend Tech Tools LLC., founded in 2017, by Edward “Shake Dua” Townsend, is a Mobile Web Optimization & Development company delivering Smart Small Business Solutions.
Headquartered in historic Tuscaloosa, Alabama we provide smart, affordable tools and solutions for small businesses, brands, and innovative entrepreneurs.

What you can expect when you partner with us

A scalable, full-stack method to help you increase traffic and sell more every day

You can Reach More Customers Faster

The right audience is built from the right data.

 Where you get that data and what you do with it makes all the difference. Let our team stay on top of your crucial, ever-changing algorithm and guideline updates, test their level of impact, and make the changes that will improve your results.

We’re practitioners who are constantly testing new initiatives, integrating digital marketing strategies across various channels and verticals, while utilizing best in class tools and technology.

In addition to our usage of industry-leading technologies, our partners and clients are provided with great tools to optimize their brand and create efficiencies for their business.

    • Your URL Shortening Tool allows you to create and share branded, trusted, and powerful links for your business.
    • Your Ad Serving Platform allows you to quickly deploy your own creative ads across your customer touchpoints.
    • Your Cloud Solution lowers the barrier for communication and lets your team connect any time, anywhere, on any device, with each other, customers, or partners.
    • Your all-in-one Premium Web Analytics Platform is designed to give you the most conclusive insights with the most complete range of features.
    • Manage it all with your Cloud Office Suite & CRM including file management, address book, calendar, email, notes, and a lot more!

Let us help you to grow your business

Our Hands-On Optimization puts your technical needs safely in our capable hands.

Website Audit

We help you to discover immediate optimization and ranking opportunities with our best in class tools and technology.

Keyword Research

We perform in-depth keyword research & provide actionable recommendations designed to increase traffic & conversions.

On-Page Optimization

We improve the SERPs position of our clients by following the best practices of on-page Search Engine Optimization.

What clients say - Testimonials

remitv logo

This weekend I was struggling bad [sic] with my website stuff and Shake Dua helped me set up a page manager for my page and helped me with pixels if anybody needs help like I did you guys should hit him up!

RemiTv & Media Recommendation

Remi JonesFounder, Creative DirectorRemiTV & MediaRhode Island
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Contactless Solutions

With NFC your customers can connect to a world of convenience.

During this unprecedented time, many brands and marketers are getting creative with their contact-less solutions by initiating campaigns incorporating Near Field Communication (NFC) as well as QR Codes to help drive sales and customer loyalty.

Townsend Tech Tools is a great choice for enabling items with digital interactivity and our platform makes it even easier to manage your business, content, and user experiences across technologies.

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Quick Tip: How retargeting works

Facebook retargeting with Townsend Tech Tools
3 basic steps to retargeting

Mobile Web Tools

Branded URL Shortening Service

Shorten, Brand & Track URLs like Bitly Enterprise, Serve Ads on sites & in Apps like Facebook & Google Display, Analyze Everything like Google 360!

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Quickly deploy your own creative across every customer touch-point. A/B test, optimize and fine-tune your Ad campaigns for better ROAS, in a controlled environment.


SMBOX offers easy-to-use web mail, calendaring and contacts that helps your team get things done quicker and easier. Protect your communications and data with SMBOX.

CAVE Analytics Logo

CAVE Analytics

CAVE is an all-in-one premium web analytics platform designed to give you the most conclusive insights with the most complete range of features.

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They may be highly trained or untrained, very knowledgeable or not. What seems certain is that the qualities entrepreneurs exhibit are not likely to be mass-producible or the consequence of a well-crafted curriculum.


Project Estimation Tool

The Project Estimation Tool is an easy to use, free Progressive Web App for designers, developers, service providers, & entrepreneurs to quickly and thoroughly estimate the time and resources required for a proposed project.