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2020 Social Entrepreneurs Encyclopedia

In 2020 the modern entrepreneur and the business world, in general, have their own vernacular. Know the terms, understand the language, and speak the lingo.

Scholars, psychologists, analysts, and writers continue in efforts to define that elusive something called the “entrepreneurial” personality but while the results usually include some of the same words (creative, innovative, committed, talented, knowledgeable, self-confident, lucky, persistent, and others), actual entrepreneurs (like actual artists, scientists, discoverers, and leaders in every walk of life) come in a bewildering variety.

They may be highly trained or untrained, very knowledgeable, or not. What seems certain is that the qualities entrepreneurs exhibit are not likely to be mass-producible or the consequence of a well-crafted curriculum. That such people are in many ways outstanding and in others quite ordinary is also clear from a study of history. Entrepreneurship, therefore, might simply be called a kind of excellence that appears sharply in organizational life be it business or some other activity. -Source: Charfen, Alex

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