Townsend Tech Tools LLC., founded in 2017 by Edward J. Townsend Jr., is a Mobile Application Development u0026amp; Web Services Company (MADWeb).

Edward “Shake Dua” Townsend (m.) with creative team members, N.Y.C.
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Our goal is to provide consumers, companies, u0026amp; organizations with unique, GDPR compliant, mobile-friendly tools u0026amp; solutions.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama Restaurant
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Headquartered in historic Tuscaloosa, Alabama, we often assist local businesses with goal-driven Mobile Web Presence Optimization.

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Townsend Tech Tools (@ToTeTools) is a small company founded by a business-minded creative artist, maybe like yourself, so we recognize your needs.


Our #MoreTechThanYouExpect promise is guided by our efforts to develop cutting edge strategic tools optimized for business growth u0026amp; utility.

Use any of our small business tools individually to optimize and advance your brand strategy.
#UseTheBUSS when you want an integrated, guided solution to increase your ROI u0026amp; reach your marketing goals faster.

Near Field Communication

Optimize your customer’s experience with our NFC Retail solutions. 

With just one tap, your customers can connect to a world of convenience, information, and enhanced experiences–at home, around town, and while traveling.
With NFC there are no codes to remember and no apps to download. Plus it’s simple and secure!

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As we aim to become leaders when it comes to privacy and customer data, our awesome and dedicated Client Care Team are readily available to assist you on your journey.

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