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The Advantages Of NFC Technology 3 Advantages Of NFC

The Advantages Of NFC Technology

  • NFC Loads Automatically
    When tapped, the content will load and display automatically.
  • NFC Facilitates Tracking & Analytics
    Track all your campaigns – know when and how many people engage with your NFC content, where they’re from, and what they did.
  • Virus and Malware Free
    Our NFC solutions are 100% virus and malware-free.

Who Is NFC It For?

With just one tap, your customers can connect to a world of convenience, information, and enhanced experiences–at home, around town, and while traveling.

A simple NFC tag embedded in your shelf-talker, POS display, mounted poster — or even the product itself — can deliver the additional information that can motivate your buyers to act.

The Advantages Of NFC Technology 5 Advantages Of NFC

NFC “Smart Tags” encourage brand interaction while increasing conversions, brand awareness, and engagement.

Increase Lifetime Value

With NFC, customers can securely pay for groceries, share coupons with a friend, download product information, discover special retail offers, enjoy an interactive exhibit, expedite travel & various other use cases.

Manage & Measure Your Touchpoint ROI

Seamlessly integrated, your NFC solutions present new avenues of discovery, engagement, and conversion.

The Advantages Of NFC Technology 7 Advantages Of NFC

  • By design, your NFC “Smart Tags” include campaign tracking so you can accurately calculate engagement & ROI using CAVE Analytics in addition to vendors like Google Analytics.
  • Gain better insights from your URLs, Video demonstrations & External Ad spends.

How retail technologies work together to create a seamless experience in omnichannel retail.

The Advantages Of NFC Technology 9 Advantages Of NFC

Work With Us On The Edge Of Technology

The Advantages Of NFC Technology 13 Advantages Of NFC

Our NFC solutions are developed by Townsend Tech Tools LLC. located in historic Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Townsend Tech Tools is an authority in the development of innovative Near Field Communication Solutions for local businesses.

Located near the University of Alabama, @ToTeTools is often the first call for local businesses who value powerful & reliable NFC Touch n Go, Point of Sale solutions. LET’S DISCOVER YOUR SOLUTION!

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