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Why Should I Use Branded URLs?

Using Branded URLs will help you to:

  • Improve brand visibility
    Showcase your brand instead of a third party domain.
    Build an unforgettable brand experience.
  • Be unique and stand out
    Separate yourself from the competition.
    Develop a fresh and innovative online personality.
  • Increase link trust
    Make your online presence look more credible.
    Drive click-through rates by up to 39%.
  • Protect your brand
    Be consistent and recognized by your customers.
    Ensure your messages are being delivered effectively.
  • Structure your links
    Customize your links with keywords for SEO.
    Enhance the quality and consistency of your online traffic.
  • Be pronounceable and memorable
    Create links that people can easily remember.
    Create messages that are easier to share both online and offline.
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