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Why Optimize with Townsend Tech Tools?

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We build trust and identity with the right people in the places they call home.

Why Optimize With Townsend Tech Tools in 2020? 4 optimize

When you partner with Townsend Tech Tools, your customers are more likely to find you faster, talk to you sooner, and convert at your convenience. 

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Businesses without Optimization Partners are more likely to neglect to update their online information, even after they move or make major changes. Simply keeping your contact information accurate can do wonders for any business, regardless of its target.

Why Optimize With Townsend Tech Tools in 2020? 8 optimize

Our methods scale and help you drive more traffic and sales every day.

‘Customers are more likely to find you faster, talk to you sooner, and you’ll be able to convert more leads at your own convenience.’

@ToTeTools will help your brand:

    • Improve visibility.
    • Increase trust.
    • Have a more credible online presence.
    • Separate from the competition.
    • Be unique and stand out.
    • Develop a fresh and innovative online personality.
    • Build an unforgettable brand experience.
Did you know
Local search is one of the most important elements of your optimization efforts, it'll help your business establish a solid market that you can quickly convert into paying customers.
Smart Entrepreneur Optimization

Social Media and Content Optimization

Social Media Marketing, in its most basic form, is simply the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic.
With your Content Marketing, the idea is simple: Make sure that your audience knows who your brand is, what you offer, who you are and where you’re going. 

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Optimization Boosts Your Brand Awareness

Why Optimize With Townsend Tech Tools in 2020? 14 optimize

With nearly 2.37 billion monthly active users across the globe on Facebook alone, using social media as a place to reach customers is no longer something a business might choose to do. It’s now imperative to the overall marketing strategy of most successful businesses in 2020.

While other small businesses may be slow to learn this lesson our social media marketing and optimization packages can often be your best option for turning followers on social media into leads on your website and eventually customers in your store.

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Why Optimize With Townsend Tech Tools in 2020? 16 optimize
Social Media, Branding, Analytics, Advertising, SEO & more!

Developing your social media strategy

Why Optimize With Townsend Tech Tools in 2020? 18 optimize

Social media is used in marketing, customer service, eCommerce, human resources, product development and elsewhere every day of the year and it’s here to stay. It is used by banks, airlines, retail chains, healthcare companies, nonprofits, and media conglomerates.

Social Media is the reason businesses of all sizes can have and maintain an online presence, although it can still be an extremely cumbersome task that requires constant management to make progress and meet your goals.

What you can expect when you optimize with us!

How We Do It:

Townsend Tech Tools optimization comes with beautifully crafted creatives and targeted posts developed with your customers in mind. The similarities end there though as each campaign is tailored to optimize and fit the existing status of your social media accounts as well as your goals.

  • Social Media Assessment
  • Social Media Playbook Creation
  • Communications Objective
  • Brand Persona
  • Brand Communication Guideline
  • Tailored Audiences
  • Content Strategy
  • Competitor Research
  • Flowcharts
  • Message Management
  • Accounts Creation and Optimization
  • Facebook Business Page
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • Twitter Account
  • Google My Business Page
  • Non-exclusive place holder Graphics for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Monthly Content Plan
  • Private File Sharing
  • Objectives and Communication Guideline
  • Account Calibration
  • Audience Retargeting
  • Social Media Content Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Monthly Facebook Ad Campaign Management
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • URL Management
  • Site Pixels & Analytics
  • Reply Protocol for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Weekly summaries and Monthly reporting

Save the image below for 6 steps to creating a micro-community.

Have your Social Media playbook prepared by our Team

Smart Entrepreneur Optimization

Content and Campaign Planning

From tone of voice, products to talk about, and the values you hold, we’ll help you to establish or expand your brand persona. This includes the words you choose and the order in which you put them. It also applies to all your content deliverables- website content, social media posts, Ads, emails, and any other formats. Eligible clients may receive a content plan for up to 6 months.

Why Optimize With Townsend Tech Tools in 2020? 29 optimize

Social Media Optimization Takeaway

High-Quality Posts and Creatives

We create or further establish your positive brand image on Facebook and after keyword research, your social media posts will be centered around content with the highest intent as a way for potential customers to find your online presence.

Clients receive high-quality original creatives each month shared on your Facebook Business Page and cross-posted on Twitter, Google My Business and LinkedIn. We’ll establish a consistent posting schedule for a targeted audience based on proprietary affinity targeting research and engagement data.

Our Team at Your Disposal
All of the content we post is designed for engagement. We build a following with ads, then grow it with content that your followers are sure to share with their friends. By engaging with the content, your followers ultimately wind up on your website. Once they sign up, you can track all leads right on your dashboard.

Included Tools to Make Your Job Easier
We’re more than your social media partners – we’re your Full Stack Optimization team too. We love working with you to develop the best strategy that fits your goals perfectly. 

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Why Optimize With Townsend Tech Tools in 2020? 41 optimize
Social Media, Branding, Analytics, Advertising, SEO & more!
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